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Buy the right bed for your dog

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 by in Dogs |

The dog is the best friend of man. Man, after a tiresome day prefers to retire to bed to have a good sound sleep. The same is with dogs. Dogs understand humans much more than others do and there is no doubt that when dogs too enjoy the sophistication of sleeping in a nice cozy bed as humans do. There are some suggestions on the different types of bed for different types of dogs. One should choose the right kind of bed for one’s favorite pet to make the creature realize that he is loved back as much as he loves his master.

Types of beds for dogs

There are different types of dog beds. Few types and their description with each suitability aspects for different types of dogs are given below:

Donut Beds

As the name suggests, these dog beds are donut shaped. These beds have a cushiony center with raised edges. The dogs usually like to curl up. The bed shape serves that purpose very well. Plus, the compactness of this bed retains the heat of the animal’s body during winters.

Pillow beds

These are just the pillow type cushion beds. This type of bed is suitable for dogs who love to sprawl and sleep. The pillow beds can come in any shape and size.

Outdoor beds

The outdoor dog beds are the elevated ones. The elevated ones are the ones which can be used during times of summer and winter. The dogs can escape from the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold using this elevated style. These beds are almost portable, and thus these types are highly preferred.

Orthopedic Dog beds

The orthopedic beds are designed for the older dogs. These comfortable dog beds suit the dogs which have a joint pain problem. The extra cushiony effect and the bigger size of the bed provide more comfort. You can read orthopedic dog bed reviews on DogBedZone to find the perfect ortho for your four legged friend.

Fabric/Material for dog beds

The following fabric/material, when used for dog beds, are the best ones:

  • Vinyl Weave
  • Cordura Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • 40 oz. Vinyl

Bed covers for the beds

The usage of bed covers is as necessary as it not only increases the longevity of the dog beds but also is easy for cleaning as the dogs sometimes drop.

  • Celery Microfiber
  • Charcoal Microfiber
  • Black Microfiber
  • Chocolate Microfiber
  • Leopard Microfiber
  • Navy Microfiber
  • Oyster Microfiber
  • Purple Microfiber
  • Hot Pink Swirl Microfiber
  • Red Microfiber
  • Wine Microfiber
  • Olive Microfiber
  • Buckskin Microfiber is some of the preferred fabrics for covers for the dog beds.

Tips for choosing the right dog bed

The health of the dog depends on the kind of mattress it sleeps. The sleeping on the floors is not recommended for dogs.

  • Washing style

Not everyone is okay with washing the dog beds covers daily. There are bed covers that require washing often whereas some don’t.

  • Choose the cot for the size of dog

The bed size should be matching the weight of the dog. Before buying the dog beds, one should weigh the dog and check if the bed can hold the weight of the dog.

  • Price and quality

Last but not the least, one has to check if the dog beds and its complements fit one’s pockets and satisfy the need for good quality.

Thus, one should keep these points in mind to choose the best and comfortable dog beds.

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