Softly, As I Leave You

Softly (Softly)
I will leave you softly (I will leave you softly)
For my heart would break (For my heart would break)
If you should wake (If you should wake)
And see me go (And see me go)
So I leave you (So I leave you)
Softly (Softly)
Long before you miss me (Long before you miss me)
Long before your arms (Long before your arms)
Can beg me stay (Can beg me stay)
For one more hour (For one more hour)
For one more day (For one more day)
After all the years (After all the years)
I can't bare the tears (I can't bare the tears)
To fall (To fall)
So softly, (So softly)
So softly (I will leave you there)

I will leave you there

Lyrics Hal Shaper and Antonio DeVita and Giorgio Calabrese
Artists Is Elvis Presley With (Shaun) Sherril Neilson

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Softly, As I Leave You  -Elvis Presley